“When we decided to re-develop our family property, there were many well known builders who came forward with their proposals; YUGAL CONSTRUCTIONS also put up its proposal and we were fortunate to come in contact with Mr. Mukesh Karwa and 'YUGAL CONSTRUCTIONS' as our project, "Vishwendu Apartments", was successfully completed in 18 months.

Generally, it is said that the "Builder-Client" relationships are very good in the initial stages and once the contract is inked & signed, these relationships follow the law of gravity taking a sloping-down path due to various reasons but Yugal has proved it wrong!

We at 'VISHWENDU' strongly believe in relationship crafted out, based on partnership, trust, tolerance and goodwill and Mr. Mukesh & his team aptly fitted with our strong belief of relationship principles.

Mr. Mukesh Karwa is the dashing and young guiding force of Yugal Constructions. He was at the helm of the activities of this organization and is supported by a team of dedicated & talented professionals.

Quality of construction, fulfillment of promise is the "FORTE" of YUGAL CONSTRUCTIONS.”

Mechanical Eng.

“I am a businessman dealing into transport and a real estate investor. I am a customer of Yugal Constructions at 'Willed Ways, Baner', where I have bought a 3 BHKD apartment. Mr. Mukesh Karwa has not only given me the opportunities in built-up properties but has also shared some great opportunities in land investment, wherein I have fetched considerably good returns on my investments.

The most important thing that I have noticed in dealing with Mr.Mukesh and his team at Yugal Constructions is the clarity and knowledge of the legal documentation. It gives us, the investors, the most required surety of our investments, because returns, to some extent, are driven by market conditions, but surety of the investment with Yugal Constructions is what gives us the peace of mind!”

Manoj Shah

“Our experience with Yugal Constructions and stay at 'Bharavi Apartment' has been pleasant. Yugal team has been very responsive with all our requirements; they have been very transparent with the paper work, the pricing etc. We wanted to make some changes in the existing plan and Yugal was very flexible and open about it.

The team helped us to make it truly a signature flat! Bharavi is an excellent apartment; we appreciate the commitment and quality of work delivered by this group.

Trust is the key factor of Yugal and the honesty with which they work & the quality consciousness to which they belong, will always take them a long way!

We wish all the best to Mukesh and Yugal team.”

Software Eng.

“I am an industrialist and also the person on whose plot Mr.Mukesh Karwa built his first building and since then our relation has grown stronger each time. I have retained flats in this first building 'Janki', further bought flats with him and have also invested with him on several occasions. I would consider him a very honest and reliable person and a businessman.”

Mukund Dixit

“We had a nice experience with Yugal Constructions in the entire process of "home buying".

The design of our flat has kept us all hooked to it for over 6 years, to the extent that we don't think of any other alternative.”


Designing often necessitates considering the aesthetic, functional, economic and sociopolitical dimensions of both the design object and design process. It involves considerable research, thought, modeling, interactive adjustment, and re-design. At Yugal these steps are sincerely followed. There is clear and continuous communication, rigorous attention to detail and active collaboration among all team members throughout all the phases of the project.

Using the Material Quality Indicators at inception, allows 'Yugal Constructions' to clearly express their requirements and sets a framework for specific consideration about the quality of the product. The material quality indicators are used throughout the building process, and post occupancy, to evaluate whether the original intentions have been achieved.

'Yugal Constructions' lays a lot of emphasis on quality, for them any project is an investment of reputation. They believe in getting each and every construction project right, right from the start. Their main USPs are more than a decade of construction experience, diverse portfolio of successfully completed construction projects and extremely knowledgeable staff and construction crews. 'Yugal Constructions' can accurately and quickly estimate any type of construction  project-be  it  a  remodel  or a  new  skyscraper.  With  approach  to  "value  engineering,"  'Yugal Constructions' not only consider the needs and the building' s intended use, they look at the potential future costs, such as building maintenance, energy consumption, and possible expansion. This thinking helps keep projected costs in line with budgets, and they do all this without compromising the integrity of the project.

RCC Consultant

"Yugal always insists on material quality testing with external Jabs and keep records for every stage of RCC work project. For example, reinforcement test certificate is always available at site for third party checking and reinforcement steel is checked at external labsbefore delivering at the sites. In the case of concreting, they always call for mix designs, and is it approved by us, the concrete cubes are always tested and record books are kept at site for inspection.

Before starting any project of Yugal, there is a detailed coordination meeting with Yugal's project manager and site engineer who get in to the specificsof the architectural design, structural plan and they keep a keen eye on every step of the execution. Before implementing any new techniques for quality construction and speedy work they first get thoroughly convinced about the same and simultaneously cross check implication cost of project before the actual application. An example which comes to mind is during 'Yugal Suryashail', they adopted post·tensioning pre­ stressing technique for heavy loads and the understanding of the site engineer and project manager about this new technique was clear andthus they executed it easilywithout any errors.

Overall, I am very happy with 'Yugal Constructions' for their attitude towards quality work."

RCC Consultant

"The working style at Yugal is one of a kind. All the floor plans and structural framing plans are resolved before the actual work begins. All the drawings are completed in detail so that there are no surprise issues when the work is carried out on site. This is a creditable practice followed by 'Yugal Constructions' . The construction material like sand, aggregate, cement is properly tested and mix design is carried out and followed while executing the concreting work.

Also cube tests are done and reports are submitted which gives us a guarantee of the quality of concrete and the grade required by our designs is achieved. Basically there is no cost saving when it comes to the quality of RCC work by 'Yugal Constructions'.
At 'Yugal Constructions' all the work is carried out under strict supervision of qualified engineers and quality material issued which gives a peace of mind to us consultants."

RCC Consultant

“I am an Architect by profession. I have worked for Mr.Mukesh Karwa, Yugal Constructions and also bought my office with him at 'Chandraban'. Timely delivery, good construction quality, fair business practices and most importantly great service is what Yugal Constructions is all about!”