Giving Back - CSR

Realty specific

In our pursuit of leaving a footprint in the commercial and residential real estate sectors in Pune, we haven't lost sight of our responsibility towards the city.

We make sincere efforts to plant as many trees as we can, well beyond the rules, at all our construction sites. We utilize only the best quality raw materials in our construction processes to help offset and reduce any negative emissions our projects may cause. We cherish the gift of life and our projects resonate our belief in a happy, prosperous life through healthy, ever lasting mutually beneficial relationships. 

Beyond realty

In our quest to return to the society and reach out to the extremely needy sections, we have embarked on some key initiatives. Through Maharashtra Seva Dal, a charitable trust, we have reached out to widows, older women and other women from financially weaker sections of the society.

'Yugal Constructions' believes in equality of opportunity which can only be provided by sound education. We, therefore sponsor the education funds and related expenses for the children of our primary level employees. 'Yugal Constructions' also propagates "keep your city clean" messages through all its collaterals and strives to implement the same.

'Yugal Constructions' has been simultaneously involved in driving other social causes, aimed at the betterment of the society as a whole.